My wife and I were talking the other night about her eye appointment.  She is going to have her eyes checked to get glasses because her vision has gradually gotten weaker over time.  Inside the conversation,  I remember her saying something to the effect that her eyes were so out of whack that she never was exactly sure what she was reading.  That simple statement brought a thought into my mind, how many of us are actually sure of what we see?  Many think that they have 20/20 vision but does perfect vision help you to see the truth in someone’s life?   Does off the charts sight help us to see who is REALLY in front of us while reading the contents of their heart?  

Jesus is telling His disciples in this week’s verse the importance of truly seeing who is in front of you.  Not just looking at what they are wearing or what they are driving but to LOOK to SEE who is really there.  Jesus tells us that when you help the least of those in His kingdom, it is just like you helped Jesus himself.  In Sunday’s sermon I brought up the Grandpa Jones song about Conrad, who Jesus came to in a dream, telling him that Jesus himself would be his Christmas guest.    Conrad had three visitors that day.  The first, a beggar who had no shoes so Conrad gave him a pair of shoes.  Then an old lady knocked on his door asking for a place to rest out of the cold on Christmas Day.  Conrad gave her a hot drink and the place at his table where Jesus was to sit.    After sending her on her way refreshed and warm, Conrad then heard a young child cry for help because she was lost.  Even though he was disappointed that it was not his expected Christmas guest, he helped the child and sent her on her way.   He then was so disappointed because the hour was late and he knew in his heart that Jesus was not coming that day.  As he was praying and asking why Jesus did not come that day, Conrad got his answer.  Three times Jesus crossed into his home and three times Conrad helped him.  A beggar, an old woman who was cold and a lost little girl.  Jesus was there three times and Conrad never saw him.  

This is the driving point behind this week’s verses.  By doing something nice for someone who you don’t know, you never know just who you might be helping.  Things are not always as they appear.  Things are not always what you see.