As we enter into the glorious holiday season of our savior’s birth, we tend to think about all those happy, happy times we are looking forward too!   Ham, turkey, brisket, fancy trees, gifts and spending time with our loved ones.  These are all great things and we should be looking forward to them but we also need to be looking for something else:  Satan himself.  WHAT?????? Why would you write something so absurd?  This is Christ’s birth celebration month!  No time for that ole devil in December!  I got presents to open and grub to scarf down.   I pray that all of you have a wonderful, great holiday but not everyone has the same experiences during this time of the year.  Many are depressed and sad during these holidays because of lost loved ones.  Many of us will actually feel betrayed during the holiday because of their losses.  I know my father never felt the same about Christmas after his father passed. 

Judas Iscariot was another who should have been happy and celebrating.  He was one of Jesus’s chosen apostles. He walked with Jesus and learned directly from Jesus but he made the same mistake that many will do during this time of holidays.  He started to listen to that ole devil. He made the massive mistake of feeling sorry for himself because he was different than the other disciples.  He was better educated, from a better town and thought Jesus along with the other disciples, should be listening to him.  It is very easy in times of difficulty(whether real or imagined) to listen when we shouldn’t be.  Thirty pieces of silver that wouldn’t mean anything normally might start to look really good in times of sorrow.   We need to make sure that we keep our eyes and hearts open during these times while being prepared to help prevent betrayal in any of its forms.  Whether it is anger at family members, boss or even our church family, do not let a bad time lead you into betraying a brother or sister.  More importantly, don’t let the silver lead you into the betrayal of your savior Jesus Christ.