When was the last time that you saw something that just made you go “WOW!”   In today’s world of super speed along with world shrinking internet and computer tech, nothing seems to astound us anymore.  Nothing seems to amaze us.  I wonder if we have stopped being astounded because of technology or it is just because that is all that we can figure out?  Man has comprehended so many marvelous things but the most astounding things in the universe, the most amazing things on the planet,  we have no clue how or why.  With all of our technology, we cannot make life, only destroy it.  With all of our computers, we cannot stop world hunger, disease or hatred;  we can only shrug our shoulders while looking the other way. This is where we should be astounded!  This is where we should be amazed!  There is only one entity that can solve these problems and only one God that can make life.  How amazing could your life be if you only admitted how great God truly is?

Habakkuk is complaining to God in this week’s scripture.  He is asking God “how long do I have to ask for help?  How long do I have to see destruction and violence all around me? Why does wickedness always seem to win?”  God’s answer:  “Get ready to be astounded! If I told you what I was going to do, you would not believe Me!”   I believe that God is preparing to do something astounding! I believe that He is preparing to do something amazing!   I cannot wait!  How about you?

December’s sermon series is called  AMAZING!  We are going to spend a few Sundays talking about some of the most amazing things that happened in Scripture.  As we work our way to the most amazing day in history, I pray that we all stop depending on computers and technology and start to look above while following what Jesus tells us in our hearts if we will listen.  Open our hearts and open our eyes:   look around.  I promise if you do,  you will be astounded at what God has done.  You will be amazed by what He is willing to do, if you let him.