Shame.  It’s a terrible thing.  We all have things that we are ashamed of.  I know that it was years before I was comfortable taking my hat off in public.  The “solar panel” comments,  the “we’re blind!!!” comments and many others really bothered me.  Then the day came when I realized that shame comes not from an outside influence but from within my heart itself.  No one can make me(or you) feel ashamed of yourself or about anything else.  Shame comes from inside US, not from comments that others make to us.  What are you ashamed of?

Today, in America, we have a shame problem with Jesus.  I know this for a fact because I see it everyday.  So many “Christians”, so many “Sons and Daughters of the Living God” are ashamed of Jesus.  When you are with people and you hear the Lord’s name taken in vain and you say nothing;  you are ashamed of Jesus.  When you say I am afraid to tell people about Jesus,  you must ask yourself this question.  Are you afraid because you “think” you don’t know what to say or are you afraid because you “know” what the other person is going to say about you to someone else?   

Last Sunday, the sermon was on submission and the scripture reference was Mark 8:34-37.  During the research for that sermon, I came across this idea.  The very next verse(Mark 8:38) tells us that if we are ashamed of Jesus, then there is coming a day that He will be ashamed of us.  Powerful words.  Scary words.  If you are ashamed of Jesus, if you hide your bible when people come over, if you duck from the opportunity to tell someone the wonderous story of Jesus,  you must ask yourself one question.  What am I afraid of?  Or ask am I afraid to tell someone about Jesus or am I actually ashamed over what I think someone might say or do because of my relationship with  Jesus?   Decide today, brothers and sisters.  Remember, if you are ashamed to tell someone about Him today, there will come a day when Jesus will be ashamed to tell His Father about you.