How many people in this old world today has heard the wondrous sound of the name of Jesus?  I would say it would be fair to guess most.  Especially in America where technology runs rampant.  One can see or hear the true, wonderful words of Jesus as shared by John MacArthur, Justin Peters or Voddie Baucom at anytime or place.  Most churches in America today even livestream,  have youtube channels or podcasts available at all times.  With all of this wonderful wealth available to us, why do so many men and women in this world make light of the Word of Christ?  Making light is phrase meaning ignoring or giving very little value to.  Matthew 22:5 tells us that many have been invited to the wedding celebration but most make light of the invitation.  J.C. Ryles once said, ” Open sin may kill thousands but indifference and neglect of the Gospel kills their tens of thousands.”   

This morning I have heavy on my heart a situation that I have been asked to pray for.  This is a terrible situation that will potentially affect someone’s physical life forever and their spiritual life at the same time, but they are indifferent.  They have made light of the Gospel and this situation is the result.  A family knowing that something is wrong but since they have not put any value on the Gospel their entire lives, there are no grounds to protect or save.  

I pray that this morning you are not making light of the wonderful words of Jesus.  I pray that today, if you have made a practice of making light of Jesus and His Word, today is the day that you stop.  Many have been invited to Heaven but how many will answer the call?  How will you answer the call?