Grace.  Its such a pretty word.  Grace.  It is everyone’s gift and it is free.  Grace.   We hear so much today in so many churches about the “free” grace that is there for the taking.  As Bonhoeffer once said ” Grace is free but it is not cheap.”  The grace that so many of us fearfully hold on to for eternal life was not free and was never meant to be thought of as free.  It cost one, perfect man his life and it cost one, perfect father his son.  Grace is free but it is not cheap.  Today’s “cheap” grace is thought to be received when one says a so called sinner’s prayer but grace becomes cheap when that next step is not taken.  One must repent while admitting that you are an imperfect sinner. You must change your life and receive a heart of flesh while losing your heart of stone( Ezekiel 36:26)   Grace.  Such a beautiful word.  Grace. It is free but it most certainly was not and is not cheap.  Our most important concern today should be sharing the cost of grace with the world.  It is up to all of us to share grace with the world around us that needs it so desperately.  Share the cost of grace.  Do not be afraid to share Jesus!