Service.  Doesn’t that seem like something that has gone to the wayside?  Service with a smile? Forget it!  If you go to your local fast food restaurant or even the HEB,  most times we are just happy if we get served.  A smile is a wonderful, but not expected, benefit.  This type of attitude has entered into our church families as much or maybe more than the rest of our society.   When did the church come to the conclusion that we have no need to serve those in need?  When we read John 13, we find Jesus doing what Jesus always did in scripture: leading by example.  Washing the disciples feet was not done because of hygiene(even thought feet then were terribly dirty and smelly) but because Christians are to serve.  Jesus did not set us free to be served but to serve(Galatians 5:13).  Jesus was willing and able to wash feet because He knew where He was going(verse 3) and that service in God’s name was glorification for His father(Matthew 5:16).  He was totally and completely obedient.  Today, we spend too much time worrying about ourselves and not serving others.  There should be no concern over how bad the feet smell but only service with a smile since we know where we are going.