Why do we go to church?  Why do we participate in bible studies or small groups?  The obvious answer is that we are looking to learn more about God.  To grow closer to Jesus who is our Lord and Savior.  If this is truly your answer then that is AWESOME!   The truth is,  some only come to bible study or small groups just to create the sacrifice of fools.  Sacrifice of fools?  What are you talking about, preacher?  I’m not bringing an animal to church for a sacrifice!  Didn’t we stop doing that, like, hundreds of years ago?  You would be correct but there are still many who come to church, not to learn and worship but to give the sacrifice of fools.

Solomon spoke of the sacrifice of fools in the book of Ecclesiastes.  He tells us that “to draw near to listen is better than to offer the sacrifice of fools.”  How many of us go to church just to see if we can catch the pastor saying something “wrong?”   Maybe we want to see if we can catch a “misinterpretation” of the scripture so an immediate correction can be made right after service?  The sacrifice of fools.  King Solomon is telling us in this particular scripture to be careful with what we say.  Think and pray before you let your tongue make you look foolish.  A closed mouth gathers no cowboy boot!  

So many people today are so worried about telling everyone what “I think,” or what “I believe” that they do not have room, space or time for “Scripture says.”  Sacrifice of fools.  Peter shows us a perfect example of the sacrifice of fools in Matthew 17:4.  Jesus is conversing with Moses and Elijah on the Mount during his transfiguration. Peter is not involved in the conversation but he feels that he needs to “answer” the three by saying “If you want me too,  I will build three shelters here for you! ”  Peter was not a part of the discussion but still felt he had to say what something.   Sacrifice of fools.  The two potentially greatest human figures in the Jewish faith needed something from him?  Sacrifice of fools. The savior of the world needed something from him?  Sacrifice of fools.  A wise tongue is a still tongue.  It is impossible to learn and grow closer to your savior when we are too busy telling Jesus,  how to be Jesus.

Sacrifice of fools.