When Did We See You?

My wife and I were talking the other night about her eye appointment.  She is going to have her eyes checked to get glasses because her vision has gradually gotten weaker over time.  Inside the conversation,  I remember her saying something to the effect that her eyes were so out of whack that she never […]


As we enter into the glorious holiday season of our savior’s birth, we tend to think about all those happy, happy times we are looking forward too!   Ham, turkey, brisket, fancy trees, gifts and spending time with our loved ones.  These are all great things and we should be looking forward to them but we […]

Be Astounded!

When was the last time that you saw something that just made you go “WOW!”   In today’s world of super speed along with world shrinking internet and computer tech, nothing seems to astound us anymore.  Nothing seems to amaze us.  I wonder if we have stopped being astounded because of technology or it is just […]

Thank You

Here at Wilson County Cowboy Church, we have so many things to be thankful for.  We have a growing attendance, growing youth and Lil Ranch Hand attendance along with the blessings of a new kitchen and storage room that have just been added to the church.  We are truly blessed but sometimes I wonder how […]


Shame.  It’s a terrible thing.  We all have things that we are ashamed of.  I know that it was years before I was comfortable taking my hat off in public.  The “solar panel” comments,  the “we’re blind!!!” comments and many others really bothered me.  Then the day came when I realized that shame comes not […]

Discipline of Solitude

Henri Nowen, the Dutch priest, was quoted as saying “without solitude, it is virtually impossible to lead a spiritual life.”  It seems that most days, at most all times, we are all jammed together like fish in a basket.  Checkout lines at HEB, trying to get gas in the truck, picking up the kids from […]

Are you making Light?

How many people in this old world today has heard the wondrous sound of the name of Jesus?  I would say it would be fair to guess most.  Especially in America where technology runs rampant.  One can see or hear the true, wonderful words of Jesus as shared by John MacArthur, Justin Peters or Voddie […]

Sharing the Cost

Grace.  Its such a pretty word.  Grace.  It is everyone’s gift and it is free.  Grace.   We hear so much today in so many churches about the “free” grace that is there for the taking.  As Bonhoeffer once said ” Grace is free but it is not cheap.”  The grace that so many of us […]

Service with a Smile

Service. Doesn’t that seem like something that has gone to the wayside? Service with a smile? Forget it! If you go to your local fast food restaurant or even the HEB, most times we are just happy if we get served. A smile is a wonderful, but not expected, benefit. This type of attitude has entered into our church families as much or maybe more than the rest of our society. When did the church come to the conclusion that we have no need to serve those in need? When we read John 13, we find Jesus doing what Jesus always did in scripture: leading by example. Washing the disciples feet was not done because of hygiene(even thought feet then were terribly dirty and smelly) but because Christians are to serve. Jesus did not set us free to be served but to serve(Galatians 5:13). Jesus was willing and able to wash feet because He knew where He was going(verse 3) and that service in God’s name was glorification for His father(Matthew 5:16). He was totally and completely obedient. Today, we spend too much time worrying about ourselves and not serving others. There should be no concern over how bad the feet smell but only service with a smile since we know where we are going

Sacrifice of Fools

Why do we go to church?  Why do we participate in bible studies or small groups?  The obvious answer is that we are looking to learn more about God.  To grow closer to Jesus who is our Lord and Savior.  If this is truly your answer then that is AWESOME!   The truth is,  some only […]