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Week of September 25, 2022    TURNIN’ CIRCLES     Joshua 6:3-5  ESV

Good afternoon ladies and gents!   Pastor Chris here at WCCC starting my first ever blog(who would have ever thought?)   This will be a once a week blog where I might talk about most anything that is scripture related.  I’m kinda nervous to be completely honest because I have absolutely no idea what I am doing.   Oh well, here goes nothing!

Joshua was a powerful warrior.  A man of action.  A man who was used to getting things done.  This was a greatly admired trait during that time and all the way up through the western cowboy era.  Now days,  it doesn’t seem like people care about getting things done or even being reliable with their words but that’s a question for another day.   Joshua is sent by God to take down the stronghold of Jericho.  While Jericho was extremely well fortified, it was not that important as a military base.  Not such a big deal to Israel but Jericho was to God.  Just because something or someone seems to not be that big a deal to us,  God might just have other ideas.  

Joshua was told to march the entire army of Israel around the walls of Jericho each day for 6 days and then on the 7th day: 7 times!  Much like a colt in a round pen, this might seem like a waste of time.  You wonder if Joshua hung his head as the army of God marched while the city laughed.  I don’t think so.  Joshua knew then what we all have to learn now and forever.  Just because God sends you on mission and you don’t understand it, don’t worry and just keep circling!  Lots of times, God will send you on a journey and while you might think you are just turnin’ circles: don’t worry!  God has got you and everything else under control.  Just like those colts in a round pen don’t understand why they are turnin’ circle after circle and they might not think they are getting anywhere, there will come a day when they will see differently.  Just as when you think God has gotten you turnin circles, it seems like you are stuck and not moving, just keep circlin!  God has a plan for you just as He had for Joshua at Jericho.  We have to show God we are willing to do what He asks before He can send us on mighty missions.  Just as Joshua had to prove that he could do what he was told, so you will have to do the same at your Walls of Jericho.  Just because you can’t see around the walls,  keep circlin!  Keep prayin’!  God has got a plan for you and your Jericho.   Are you willing to circle for it?

Week of October 3, 2022    Sacrifice of Fools    Ecclesiastes 5:1-2  ESV

Why do we go to church?  Why do we participate in bible studies or small groups?  The obvious answer is that we are looking to learn more about God.  To grow closer to Jesus who is our Lord and Savior.  If this is truly your answer then that is AWESOME!   The truth is,  some only come to bible study or small groups just to create the sacrifice of fools.  Sacrifice of fools?  What are you talking about, preacher?  I’m not bringing an animal to church for a sacrifice!  Didn’t we stop doing that, like, hundreds of years ago?  You would be correct but there are still many who come to church, not to learn and worship but to give the sacrifice of fools.

Solomon spoke of the sacrifice of fools in the book of Ecclesiastes.  He tells us that “to draw near to listen is better than to offer the sacrifice of fools.”  How many of us go to church just to see if we can catch the pastor saying something “wrong?”   Maybe we want to see if we can catch a “misinterpretation” of the scripture so an immediate correction can be made right after service?  The sacrifice of fools.  King Solomon is telling us in this particular scripture to be careful with what we say.  Think and pray before you let your tongue make you look foolish.  A closed mouth gathers no cowboy boot!  

So many people today are so worried about telling everyone what “I think,” or what “I believe” that they do not have room, space or time for “Scripture says.”  Sacrifice of fools.  Peter shows us a perfect example of the sacrifice of fools in Matthew 17:4.  Jesus is conversing with Moses and Elijah on the Mount during his transfiguration. Peter is not involved in the conversation but he feels that he needs to “answer” the three by saying “If you want me too,  I will build three shelters here for you! ”  Peter was not a part of the discussion but still felt he had to say what something.   Sacrifice of fools.  The two potentially greatest human figures in the Jewish faith needed something from him?  Sacrifice of fools. The savior of the world needed something from him?  Sacrifice of fools.  A wise tongue is a still tongue.  It is impossible to learn and grow closer to your savior when we are too busy telling Jesus,  how to be Jesus.

Sacrifice of fools.



Week of October 11, 2022         Service with a Smile     John 13:3-8 ESV

Service.  Doesn’t that seem like something that has gone to the wayside?  Service with a smile? Forget it!  If you go to your local fast food restaurant or even the HEB,  most times we are just happy if we get served.  A smile is a wonderful, but not expected, benefit.  This type of attitude has entered into our church families as much or maybe more than the rest of our society.   When did the church come to the conclusion that we have no need to serve those in need?  When we read John 13, we find Jesus doing what Jesus always did in scripture: leading by example.  Washing the disciples feet was not done because of hygiene(even thought feet then were terribly dirty and smelly) but because Christians are to serve.  Jesus did not set us free to be served but to serve(Galatians 5:13).  Jesus was willing and able to wash feet because He knew where He was going(verse 3) and that service in God’s name was glorification for His father(Matthew 5:16).  He was totally and completely obedient.  Today, we spend too much time worrying about ourselves and not serving others.  There should be no concern over how bad the feet smell but only service with a smile since we know where we are going



Week of October 17, 2022    Sharing the Cost   2 Corinthians 12:9 ESV


Grace.  Its such a pretty word.  Grace.  It is everyone’s gift and it is free.  Grace.   We hear so much today in so many churches about the “free” grace that is there for the taking.  As Bonhoeffer once said ” Grace is free but it is not cheap.”  The grace that so many of us fearfully hold on to for eternal life was not free and was never meant to be thought of as free.  It cost one, perfect man his life and it cost one, perfect father his son.  Grace is free but it is not cheap.  Today’s “cheap” grace is thought to be received when one says a so called sinner’s prayer but grace becomes cheap when that next step is not taken.  One must repent while admitting that you are an imperfect sinner. You must change your life and receive a heart of flesh while losing your heart of stone( Ezekiel 36:26)   Grace.  Such a beautiful word.  Grace. It is free but it most certainly was not and is not cheap.  Our most important concern today should be sharing the cost of grace with the world.  It is up to all of us to share grace with the world around us that needs it so desperately.  Share the cost of grace.  Do not be afraid to share Jesus!



Week of October 23, 2022      Solitude   Matthew 27:45-50 ESV


If you took a poll of Americans today, you would find that being alone is one of most peoples biggest fears.  Solitude is not a word that most care for and most definitely do not want to have in their lives.  Being alone is something that most do fear.  Strangely enough, we can do some of our most powerful work for Jesus in solitude.  When we pray we are alone.  When we set an example for all the world around us, we are alone.  Jesus’s most powerful work was done: ALONE.   Alone? In  solitude?  What miracle did He work alone?  Jesus, even though He was surrounded by people, performed His most wonderful miracle on the cross,  ALONE.   People were around Him but Christ had His full attention on His father above.  He knew then what we need to know today that to do our most powerful work for the Kingdom, we cannot focus on the world around us.  We must focus and act in solitude, just as Jesus did on the cross.  The less you listen to the voices around the more you can focus on the voice inside you.   Solitude.  It’s not as bad as it seems.  Plus, we know that we are truly never alone.  Our Father walks with us everywhere we go


Week of October 30, 2022      Are you Making Light?   Matthew 22:5 ESV

How many people in this old world today has heard the wondrous sound of the name of Jesus?  I would say it would be fair to guess most.  Especially in America where technology runs rampant.  One can see or hear the true, wonderful words of Jesus as shared by John MacArthur, Justin Peters or Voddie Baucom at anytime or place.  Most churches in America today even livestream,  have youtube channels or podcasts available at all times.  With all of this wonderful wealth available to us, why do so many men and women in this world make light of the Word of Christ?  Making light is phrase meaning ignoring or giving very little value to.  Matthew 22:5 tells us that many have been invited to the wedding celebration but most make light of the invitation.  J.C. Ryles once said, ” Open sin may kill thousands but indifference and neglect of the Gospel kills their tens of thousands.”   

This morning I have heavy on my heart a situation that I have been asked to pray for.  This is a terrible situation that will potentially affect someone’s physical life forever and their spiritual life at the same time, but they are indifferent.  They have made light of the Gospel and this situation is the result.  A family knowing that something is wrong but since they have not put any value on the Gospel their entire lives, there are no grounds to protect or save.  

I pray that this morning you are not making light of the wonderful words of Jesus.  I pray that today, if you have made a practice of making light of Jesus and His Word, today is the day that you stop.  Many have been invited to Heaven but how many will answer the call?  How will you answer the call?

Week of November 6, 2022   Discipline of Solitude  Matthew 6:5-6 ESV

Henri Nowen, the Dutch priest, was quoted as saying “without solitude, it is virtually impossible to lead a spiritual life.”  It seems that most days, at most all times, we are all jammed together like fish in a basket.  Checkout lines at HEB, trying to get gas in the truck, picking up the kids from school, etc.   It  always seems to be someone RIGHT THERE with you, does it not?   An alarming fact of today’s society is that many of us cannot tolerate solitude.  It scares us.  It terrifies us.  I have to be with someone at all times!   I can’t function without my buds!   We really are never alone as long as we have our technology.  Whether we are tweeting, instagramming or tick-tocking,  in our minds we are never alone.  Solitude is a necessary part of  our spiritual lives.  Silent, quiet prayer is a powerful weapon against the filthiness of the world around us.  Prayer is our direct line of communication to our Lord and Savior.  Even though He is always listening no matter when or how we talk to Him, there are times when we need to be alone with our Father. Times of solitude with our Master.  Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:6, when you pray, go into your room, your prayer closet, or even as I used to do: riding fence.  Get some solitude and pray.  You must spend time alone in prayer for the full power of Jesus to encourage you, to lift you up and empower your life.   Solitude is nothing to be afraid of.  It is something to be cherished.  Take time today to pray to Jesus in solitude.  You’ll be glad you did!

week of November 13, 2022        Ashamed?   Mark 8:38 ESV

Shame.  It’s a terrible thing.  We all have things that we are ashamed of.  I know that it was years before I was comfortable taking my hat off in public.  The “solar panel” comments,  the “we’re blind!!!” comments and many others really bothered me.  Then the day came when I realized that shame comes not from an outside influence but from within my heart itself.  No one can make me(or you) feel ashamed of yourself or about anything else.  Shame comes from inside US, not from comments that others make to us.  What are you ashamed of?

Today, in America, we have a shame problem with Jesus.  I know this for a fact because I see it everyday.  So many “Christians”, so many “Sons and Daughters of the Living God” are ashamed of Jesus.  When you are with people and you hear the Lord’s name taken in vain and you say nothing;  you are ashamed of Jesus.  When you say I am afraid to tell people about Jesus,  you must ask yourself this question.  Are you afraid because you “think” you don’t know what to say or are you afraid because you “know” what the other person is going to say about you to someone else?   

Last Sunday, the sermon was on submission and the scripture reference was Mark 8:34-37.  During the research for that sermon, I came across this idea.  The very next verse(Mark 8:38) tells us that if we are ashamed of Jesus, then there is coming a day that He will be ashamed of us.  Powerful words.  Scary words.  If you are ashamed of Jesus, if you hide your bible when people come over, if you duck from the opportunity to tell someone the wonderous story of Jesus,  you must ask yourself one question.  What am I afraid of?  Or ask am I afraid to tell someone about Jesus or am I actually ashamed over what I think someone might say or do because of my relationship with  Jesus?   Decide today, brothers and sisters.  Remember, if you are ashamed to tell someone about Him today, there will come a day when Jesus will be ashamed to tell His Father about you.

Week of Thanksgiving, 2022           Thank You   1 Chronicles 16:34 ESV

Here at Wilson County Cowboy Church, we have so many things to be thankful for.  We have a growing attendance, growing youth and Lil Ranch Hand attendance along with the blessings of a new kitchen and storage room that have just been added to the church.  We are truly blessed but sometimes I wonder how many times do we truly take the time to say “THANK YOU, LORD” in return?   I know that this world is full of frustrations and that ole devil will do everything that he can to take away your joy and your thankfulness.  Bro. Danny Hubbell brought us such a great word in our Thankful for Jesus service.  One of his main points was to say Thank You! when you are blessed and be able to say “you are free to do it again!”   1 Chronicles tells us to give thanks to the Lord for He is good.  Truer words have never been spoken.  I can hear someone out there right now going “Yeah, Right.  Come live in my house and see if you still think that!”  Bro. Danny also gave us another powerful thought.   How many people are out there in the world that would trade places with you on your worst day,  in a second.  Powerful thought.

I pray that everyone has a great Thanksgiving and that we truly take the time to be thankful for more than just the food that we eat on this Thanksgiving holiday.

Week of November 27, 2022         Be Astounded!      Habakkuk 1:5   ESV

When was the last time that you saw something that just made you go “WOW!”   In today’s world of super speed along with world shrinking internet and computer tech, nothing seems to astound us anymore.  Nothing seems to amaze us.  I wonder if we have stopped being astounded because of technology or it is just because that is all that we can figure out?  Man has comprehended so many marvelous things but the most astounding things in the universe, the most amazing things on the planet,  we have no clue how or why.  With all of our technology, we cannot make life, only destroy it.  With all of our computers, we cannot stop world hunger, disease or hatred;  we can only shrug our shoulders while looking the other way. This is where we should be astounded!  This is where we should be amazed!  There is only one entity that can solve these problems and only one God that can make life.  How amazing could your life be if you only admitted how great God truly is?

Habakkuk is complaining to God in this week’s scripture.  He is asking God “how long do I have to ask for help?  How long do I have to see destruction and violence all around me? Why does wickedness always seem to win?”  God’s answer:  “Get ready to be astounded! If I told you what I was going to do, you would not believe Me!”   I believe that God is preparing to do something astounding! I believe that He is preparing to do something amazing!   I cannot wait!  How about you?

December’s sermon series is called  AMAZING!  We are going to spend a few Sundays talking about some of the most amazing things that happened in Scripture.  As we work our way to the most amazing day in history, I pray that we all stop depending on computers and technology and start to look above while following what Jesus tells us in our hearts if we will listen.  Open our hearts and open our eyes:   look around.  I promise if you do,  you will be astounded at what God has done.  You will be amazed by what He is willing to do, if you let him.


Week of December 4, 2022                  Betrayal              Luke 22:3-6 ESV

As we enter into the glorious holiday season of our savior’s birth, we tend to think about all those happy, happy times we are looking forward too!   Ham, turkey, brisket, fancy trees, gifts and spending time with our loved ones.  These are all great things and we should be looking forward to them but we also need to be looking for something else:  Satan himself.  WHAT?????? Why would you write something so absurd?  This is Christ’s birth celebration month!  No time for that ole devil in December!  I got presents to open and grub to scarf down.   I pray that all of you have a wonderful, great holiday but not everyone has the same experiences during this time of the year.  Many are depressed and sad during these holidays because of lost loved ones.  Many of us will actually feel betrayed during the holiday because of their losses.  I know my father never felt the same about Christmas after his father passed. 

Judas Iscariot was another who should have been happy and celebrating.  He was one of Jesus’s chosen apostles. He walked with Jesus and learned directly from Jesus but he made the same mistake that many will do during this time of holidays.  He started to listen to that ole devil. He made the massive mistake of feeling sorry for himself because he was different than the other disciples.  He was better educated, from a better town and thought Jesus along with the other disciples, should be listening to him.  It is very easy in times of difficulty(whether real or imagined) to listen when we shouldn’t be.  Thirty pieces of silver that wouldn’t mean anything normally might start to look really good in times of sorrow.   We need to make sure that we keep our eyes and hearts open during these times while being prepared to help prevent betrayal in any of its forms.  Whether it is anger at family members, boss or even our church family, do not let a bad time lead you into betraying a brother or sister.  More importantly, don’t let the silver lead you into the betrayal of your savior Jesus Christ.

Week of December 11, 2022                 When Did We See You?        Matthew 25:42-46 ESV

My wife and I were talking the other night about her eye appointment.  She is going to have her eyes checked to get glasses because her vision has gradually gotten weaker over time.  Inside the conversation,  I remember her saying something to the effect that her eyes were so out of whack that she never was exactly sure what she was reading.  That simple statement brought a thought into my mind, how many of us are actually sure of what we see?  Many think that they have 20/20 vision but does perfect vision help you to see the truth in someone’s life?   Does off the charts sight help us to see who is REALLY in front of us while reading the contents of their heart?  

Jesus is telling His disciples in this week’s verse the importance of truly seeing who is in front of you.  Not just looking at what they are wearing or what they are driving but to LOOK to SEE who is really there.  Jesus tells us that when you help the least of those in His kingdom, it is just like you helped Jesus himself.  In Sunday’s sermon I brought up the Grandpa Jones song about Conrad, who Jesus came to in a dream, telling him that Jesus himself would be his Christmas guest.    Conrad had three visitors that day.  The first, a beggar who had no shoes so Conrad gave him a pair of shoes.  Then an old lady knocked on his door asking for a place to rest out of the cold on Christmas Day.  Conrad gave her a hot drink and the place at his table where Jesus was to sit.    After sending her on her way refreshed and warm, Conrad then heard a young child cry for help because she was lost.  Even though he was disappointed that it was not his expected Christmas guest, he helped the child and sent her on her way.   He then was so disappointed because the hour was late and he knew in his heart that Jesus was not coming that day.  As he was praying and asking why Jesus did not come that day, Conrad got his answer.  Three times Jesus crossed into his home and three times Conrad helped him.  A beggar, an old woman who was cold and a lost little girl.  Jesus was there three times and Conrad never saw him.  

This is the driving point behind this week’s verses.  By doing something nice for someone who you don’t know, you never know just who you might be helping.  Things are not always as they appear.  Things are not always what you see.

Pass it on Wilson County Cowboy Church Pass it on everyday! If all 274 who attended church last Sunday passed on this blessing, think of all the souls that Jesus could touch.
If you go to them, and talk of the love of Christ and show kindness in their actions, they will hear you. D.L. Moody
Powerful words. Truth be told. #blessed Pass it on Wilson County Cowboy Church!

Have you ever met someone who was at church every time the doors opened, went to every single bible study, read the Bible everyday but never did anything with it? Jesus does not call us to absorb all of this information and then not ever use it. Christ calls us for learn His Scripture, then put it to work. Jesus called the disciples together and then He taught them. While teaching them, He was training them. Training them to spread His word. Training them to turn the world upside down. Training them to “go forth and make disciples. Ahhhh, that word, disciple! Disciple means “learner” but we must ALL do more than learn. We must go forth, turn Wilson County upside down, and make disciples! Here at Wilson County Cowboy Church we have one goal and one goal only. We are not here to be the prettiest church. We are not here to try to get our names in the paper or anything like that. We have one purpose and one purpose only: to make disciples. If you would like to be a part of a church that trains you up, gives you opportunities to get plugged in, and is not afraid to stand up for the Bible, come see us on Sunday morning. 8:30 and 10:45 am. We are starting a series called #blessed. Come see us at Wilson County Cowboy Church! We will have the coffee on! Spread the word! #blessed

One of the most common things that a pastor will hear is “you know preacher, I ain’t worth it. I have done horrible things in the past and there is no one in your church that will want me there. There’s nothing I can do that would help God or the church.” It is amazing how many say this. Trust me, no one is perfect and the church is the hospital for all who are lost. Take Peter, for example. Jesus said to him, “You are the rock on which I will build my church.” Wow!!! What an honor! Peter was chosen to lead the new, fledging church. Peter must have been a powerful, faithful, worthy man. Wrong! Of all Jesus’s disciples(not counting Judas Iscariot) not one of them had done more to show themselves UNWORTHY! How many things had Peter done during Jesus’s three years of ministry. Peter’s denial of Jesus, to his attacking of the soldier after being told not to, to his running away and hiding from the crucifixion; all showed someone who was human. Someone that was not perfect BUT someone that through the blood of Jesus, became worthy. Peter, just like you and I, used his previous life experiences(good and bad) to be made into a powerful man of Christ. You and I, just like Peter, have been #blessed

This morning I was studying when I came across this piece of writing about the great preacher D.L. Moody. “To Moody, God was not a law or an abstraction. To him, God was a person who feels and thinks, a Father who rules and loves and is concerned with everything which affects His children. With this conception of God, we are not surprised to find Moody leading a life of ceaseless communication with Him, out of which grew a life of overcoming strength.”(Miller, D.L. Moody on Spiritual Leadership, pg 77)
I read this a couple of times and it hit me like a brick. How many times have we gotten caught up thinking that God is God and not that God is our Father? We cannot see that we are #blessed because we think of God as some way off power that one day we will have to stand in front of. We should be praying and singing in gratitude that our Father is with us everywhere we go and is worried about what we worry about. He cares about everything in our lives from jobs to our very salvation. He does not do this from a distance. We are #blessed that He is with us constantly. All we have to do is recognize and repent. He is gracious, He is loving and He wants to #blessed you.

Have you ever tried to lead someone to Christ? Have you ever actually tried to talk to someone about your relationship with Jesus? Many people just lock up. I can’t do this, I ain’t no preacher, I don’t know what to say. What do you do in that situation? Follow the example of Andrew the Apostle. Andrew was not known for his speaking abilities but what he was known for was bringing people to Jesus. Andrew brought his brother Peter to see Jesus for the first time. Perhaps his best “bring them to Jesus” was his bringing of the 5 loaves and 2 fishes. How are we supposed to feed 5000 with this? Andrew’s answer could have been “not my job to feed them. I just bring them to Jesus!” Could this be the motto in your life? Maybe you worry about what to say? Follow the example of Andrew. He would tell you ‘Don’t worry about it, just get them to Jesus. Let Him feed them!” #blessed